Automatic Sealing Robot (Model: ZDJ-V2500 / ZDJ-V2000 / ZDJ-V1800)
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    2017-2-5 10:20:07
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ZDJ-V Automatic Sealing Robot

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Main features

1. Gluing part adopts special relocation mechanism, ensure the gluing nozzle will touch IG unit closely, but will not break it. And it can adapt to a certain range of displacement error of IG unit.

2. Sealing width is adjustable by inputting parameter, convenient and accurate. Sealing depth can be detected automatically. The sealing speed is controlled by sealing depth and gluing quantity, ensures the sealing quality. Adding glue on the IG unit corner, ensures the sealing quantity on the corner.

3. All important electric elements, adopt imported famous brand products, such as Servo motor, controller, low-voltage apparatus, sensors, fiber optic photo switches and so on. Which will make sure the equipment runs well, reliable and long service life.

4. Sucker, reducer, rails, sliders and other key moving parts are adopted from foreign brand, to ensure a smooth transfer of glass, safe and reliable.

5. Hydraulic glue, through pressure on the hydraulic station to meet the quantitative oil supply of the driving oil cylinder, so as to control the white glue for quantitative glue. And ensure the black glue quantitative glue through the mechanical linkage adjustment ratio. It is easy to use, simple and reliable.

6. ZDJ-V1800, ZDJ-V2000 Automatic sealing robot adopts the combination transfer mode of a synchronous belt and a unique V block, smooth transmission, accurate positioning, less glue leakage, IG unit edge clean.

7. ZDJ-V2500 Automatic sealing robot adopts the combination transfer mode of a high quality precision three row roller chain and a unique V block. The roller is connected with the processing surface of the cross beam, low friction force, high effect, stably running of the coated glass, which ensures the good spreading effect.

8. Adopts Touch screen man-machine interface, graphic combination, convenient to understand and easy to operate.

9. Automatic digital control system by servo motor ensures the equipment precision and glue precision. The system also has a unilateral sealing, alarming, dangerous to be automatic determination and lock function.

10. This equipment can work alone, or equipped with IG unit production line. The later condition can develop more efficiency.

11. This robot adopts high quality Aosong board through the NC machining and wheel combination, beautiful and durable.

12. By optimizing the structure, this robot achieves low power consumption and high efficiency. 

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