Automatic Insulating Glass Machine (Model : LBP2000C)
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    2017-1-5 10:06:48
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Intelligent multifunctional insulating glass production line

LBP2000C Automatic inner-panel inflatable insulating glass production line

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This insulating glass production line, which includes glass loading section, washing and drying machine, conveyor section, light inspection and aluminum frame location section, out-panel (and inner-panel) assembly, large stroke press machine and output section (title table), adopts the most advanced IG manufacture technology and craft in the world. This production line can choose out-panel assembly or inner-panel assembly to process same edge single and double insulating glass unit. When adopts inner-panel assembly function, it can fill inert gas for IG unit automatically, for optional operation.

Main features:

1. Automatically distinguish the coating side of coated glass and Low-E glass, indicated by alarm.

2. Load glass by static state, ensure safety in production.

3. The washing machine adopts stainless steel and other corrosion resistant material, good waterproof, security, clean, and long service life. Equipped with sponge roller, which makes the washing and drying more efficiency.

4. Can process 3~18mm thickness glass, with wide using range.

5. Both inner-panel assembly and out-panel assembly function can process same edge double layers and triple layers insulating glass with high efficiency.

6. When adopts inner-panel assembly function, it can fill inert gas for IG unit and automatically detect the glass thickness, length, height, automatically adjust the best aeration space, save gas consumption.

7. Adopts the world famous brand low-voltage apparatus, sensor and PLC, etc. Make the line has longer service life.

8. PLC control system with touch screen interface, easy to operate, and self-diagnosis the fault of the line with high degree of automation.

9. The surface of the protective board is painted and sprayed; the appearance is beautiful and durable.

10. The press machine can be opened in large journey to maximum 500mm, easy to maintenance.

11. Drying section adopts the circulation of hot air to ensure the drying effect of the glass and reduce noise.

12. It could greatly improve the productivity to work with the Automatic sealing robot together.

13. This line adopts high quality Aosong board through the NC machining and wheel combination, beautiful and durable.

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