Automatic Aluminum Spacer Bending Machine (Model:ZLZW02)
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    2017-3-5 8:07:16
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ZLZW02 Automatic aluminum spacer bending machine

Automatic aluminum spacer bending machine ZLZW02.png

Main features

1. Adopt PLC control system and touch human-machine interface. Multi-screen clear and technical parameter simply input.

2. Feeding material and bending aluminum spacer by servo motor guarantees the precision of the bending form (angle and arc).

3. Aluminum frame have smooth arc, which is beautiful after butyl coating.

4. Bending aluminum frame and theoretical size error is less than 1mm, high speed, high efficiency.

5. Can feed four different size of aluminum spacer with four store tanks.

6. Automactic avoid spacer joint when bending and cutting spacer.

7. Can do shaped aluminum frame.

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