The difference between double glass, vacuum glass and insulating glass

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The difference between double glass, vacuum glass and insulating glass
Double glass, vacuum glass and hollow glass (insulating glass), all of them belong to the "multi-layer glass”, so what’s the difference between them?

About the double glass, it is the traditional glass doors and windows of the single glass change into two pieces of glass. Because the air between the two pieces glass is not sealed with an effective sealing material, results a lot of dust and water vapor very easy to enter between the two pieces of glass, so double glass is restricted to use on the building.

The vacuum glass, just as the name suggest, it is the space layer between two pieces of glass being the vacuum states, which greatly reduces thermal conduction properties of the glass products. But the vacuum glass production process is very complex, can’t achieve large quantities of industrial production, and the price is on high side, so it is less common used in ordinary residential.

About the insulating glass, also name hollow glass, it is two pieces of glass with the effective sealing material sealed and spacing material to separated, and between the two pieces glass is equipped with moisture absorption of desiccant, which could make sure that the hollow glass keeps the dry air layer without water gas and dust for long time. At the same time, it is easy to carry out large quantities of hollow glass industrial production, so the hollow glass is the products which significantly adopted by the new building.


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