Butyl Coating Machine (Model:DJJ03 )
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    2017-1-29 9:00:06
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Main features

The machine is special equipment for coating two sides of aluminum spacer and has many advantages such as evenly coating glue, large amount of extruding glue, high production efficiency, adjusting the space between the two glue nozzles manually, convenient operation and maintenance and high automation etc.

1. Adopts stainless steel hairline board, which has neat and beautiful appearance.

2. Four variable frequency speed control.

3. Advanced gas liquid pressurization system, with even stability of pressure.

4. The glue tanker diameter 200mm, length 450mm, is suitable for all kinds of butyl.

5. The glue jar warning system will work when the butyl is used up.

6. Timing boot for 24 hours, save preheat time.

7. Adopt touch screen man-machine interface, easy to operate, high degree of automation.

8. It is convenient to adjust the distance between glue nozzle manually.

9. Can glue round spacer.

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